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Pantone顏色2017年“grennery”和“尼亞加拉” - 我們將帶來一些漂亮的綠色碧歐蘭和橄欖石 - 從薄荷綠色到強烈的綠色 - “創造今天的時尚”.

参展商: AV Vikar Ahmed


我們的系列“Neo Haute Gemmes”系列由德國Idar-Oberstein德國頂級銑刀拋光的高端寶石和佈局,還包括罕見尺寸的白色和天然彩色鑽石,通過精選代理,珠寶商和批發商銷售在香港和中國大陸! “Neo Haute Gemmes”吸引越來越多的年輕人,名人和皇室,今天可以在維亞爾艾哈邁德收藏品中找到珍貴的寶石,在亞洲各地的眾多貴族住宅的寶藏。

参展商: AV Vikar Ahmed


Vikar Ahmed銷售辦事處在香港和中國大陸,深圳,廣州,北京,上海開設,5人的銷售團隊正在照顧我們的海外客戶,如需更多信息,請與我們聯繫。

参展商: AV Vikar Ahmed

Heli watch and jewelry wipes - bling to go

Watch and jewelry wipes for a quick and easy cleaning in-between. The jewelry or the watch is simply cleaned with the unfolded wipe from the single package and can be dried with a cotton towel if necessary. The slipcase of the packaging can also be customized for your company.

参展商: Beco Technic GmbH

LED luminaires with continuously adjustable color temperature

The compact and high-quality LED luminaires are characterized by their bright, almost shadow-free light. A uniformly illuminating light guide (prismatic) and the diffuser optics ensure a homogeneous light distribution and minimize disturbing luminances and reflections. Brightness: 210 –...

参展商: Beco Technic GmbH

Breuning - Pure Fascination in Jewellery

Breuning presents their incredible new designs for all their three product lines. In Pure Love, the line that stands for jewellery around the big emotions like engagements and wedding rings, a new large variety adds to the huge selection of wedding ring designs. Further there is a very...

参展商: Breuning GmbH

Powerful single tank devices with multi-frequency technology and the new Dynamic-function for heavy-duty applications

Elmasonic xtra ST floor-mounted ultrasonic devices are designed for use in a production environment, workshops and servicing. The wide range of features makes it easy and effective to work with these devices.  The Dynamic-function is new! Sweep- and Pulse-functions run here alternately on...

参展商: Elma Schmidbauer GmbH

FischerCarbon® - Black & Beautiful

Black, beautiful and precious - these are the adjectives which describe the FischerCarbon ®  collection of Fischer & Sohn, manufacturer of wedding rings. Fischer & Sohn introduced wedding rings with carbon five years ago. The material of carbon is excellently suited to the...

参展商: J. Fischer & Sohn KG

Fischer & Sohn - Flora collection

After the big success of the 'rose ring', Fischer & Sohn has taken up the theme of 'Inside/Out' and launched new models to the collection with the floral design, distinguished by blossom and entwined leafs. "Fischer fascinates. Not only women." - this collection Appeals also to the future...

参展商: J. Fischer & Sohn KG

HATHO RapidPol Set (application film)

HATHO introduces its new Polishing Kit for rapid prototyping models. The HATHO RapidPol Set improves the surface of acylic master models faster than ever before. Outstanding outcome in the polishing of acrylics. Maximum brightness in minimum time. Feel free to have a look at the application film...

参展商: HATHO GmbH


HATHO HABRAS Disc Pro are acrylic polishing discs with embedded abrasives. Grinding and polishing are possible without the use of additional compounds. Heavy duty „brush shaped polishing discs“ for best performance. Easy to create a satin finish on gold surfaces with the new HABRAS...

参展商: HATHO GmbH


HATHO Cosima Soft & HATHO COSIMA Buffs are made from silicon coated cotton fabric. These special buffs are unique! No loss of threads and long lasting! Life span of the buffs is seven times longer than a standard cotton buff. HATHO Cosima Soft is used for the polishing of silver and/or gold...

参展商: HATHO GmbH

NEW! JENTNER JE60 cyanide - free silver bath

The silver bath JE60 is an innovative cyanide-free electrolyte for the deposition of very white Silver layers. It is characterized by easy handling and very high stability. The silver bath JE60 does not contain cyanide and therefore offers significant environmental and safety advantages. The...

参展商: Jentner Plating Technology GmbH

The easy-to-use Rhodium Machine RM GO!

With the new small electroplating RMGO! Jewelry can easily be degreased electrolytically, rhodium-plated and color-gilded. Pre-set processing times and voltages, together with an automatic energy cut-off, allow a professional end result. The time intervals can be selected between 15, 30 or 60...

参展商: Jentner Plating Technology GmbH


Viktor Kammerling brings to the Hong Kong show a wide variety of natural Doublet stones. These are made out of natural material, either in emerald, beryls, topaze sapphires. A newely development shows Doublets in Paraiba-colour, fine Tanzanite-colour, sparkling Rubellite-colours and nicely...

参展商: Viktor Kämmerling

Electro-Polishing Unit Aqua-Pol®

电子抛光是最柔和且最干净的方式,它使得珠宝的部件达到一个工业级的产品处理的光滑并极其纯净的表面,然后可以进行进一步的加工。精密且小巧型全新的Aqua-Pol ® 紧凑系统能够达到更快且更经济的效果。它靠一个具有独创设计的内部电动旋翼实现其作用。 应用范围: Aqua-Pol ® 可以用来抛光处理黄金、白银、黄铜、青铜及不锈钢。另外直接抛光浇铸件、3D打印件及电铸件。它可以用来出来金银丝部件而不改变其形状,当然还有生锈部件。 决定性的:电解液 KORAS ®...

参展商: Koras GmbH

NIVREL watch making Course and Seminar

For the first time ever, NIVREL will present a very special event for friends of the watch brand. Within the NIVREL watch making course and seminar participants will not only receive an insight into the fascinating world of a watchmaker: they will learn the basics about mechanical watches and...

参展商: NIVREL Uhren - Gerd Hofer GmbH


ISO 9001 SUCCESSFULLY CERTIFIED  Following intense preparation, Schofer Germany passed the DIN ISO 9001 certification in December 2016. This is aimed at sustainably and permanently improving customer satisfaction as well as securing and upgrading the quality of the processes and products on...

参展商: Schofer Germany - The Chain Company GmbH & Co. KG


A RESPONSIBILE APPROACH TO THE FUTURE  Schofer Germany is proud to announce that the company has successfully become certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). “Being a certified member we commit to our stakeholders to manage the company responsibly and to adhering high...

参展商: Schofer Germany - The Chain Company GmbH & Co. KG


Utmost precision and accuracy  Schofer Germany develops almost all the clasps and elements for its chains in-house. The function of clasps requires absolute precision and accuracy during the model-making process. We achieve this with our own state-of-the-art 3D printer. With an amazing...

参展商: Schofer Germany - The Chain Company GmbH & Co. KG

Products for electroforming with wax and metal mandrels

Umicore Electroplating strengthens its market activities in electroforming with its products ARGUNA® 621 EF, AURUNA ®  3407 EF-24, AURUNA ®  5500 EF, AURUNA ®  556 EF-24 and AURUNA® 568 EF-18. An advantage of Umicore solutions is that they can be processed both...

参展商: Umicore Galvanotechnik GmbH



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