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BERND WOLF,作为2016 年德国品牌奖获得者,拥有30 年零售业经验,为经销商提供完善的销售支持,能迅速满足客户个别的愿望和需求从而赢得其信赖。工厂使用的黄金来源全部通过认证,遵守环保和人权规范。

公司出品集和设计系列以独到的审美视角和让人过目不忘的设计风格,加上BERND WOLF 与众不同的品牌个性,让BERND WOLF 的零售商们轻而易举就能赢得新主顾的青睐。通过将银与高品质镀金工艺的完美结合,BERND WOLF 在为顾客精工细作高品质首饰的同时又取得了价格优势。


通过将银与持久性高级镀金工艺的完美结合,德国品牌奖获得者 BERND WOLF 倾注爱心以实惠的价格精工打造高品质饰品。

here comes the sun... 太阳是 BERND WOLF 新推系列的主题。首先印入眼帘的是耀眼夺目的 “Solenne” 坠饰,长阶梯型切割的氧化锆晶体排列出旭日型图案,穿套在多股绳项链间,再配以与之相辅相成的耳环和戒指,该系列的每件饰品都保证您的顾客无时无刻不感受到阳光温暖的照射。
“Here comes the sun …”这句广告词无疑是我们全部饰品的真实写照,这一切都归功于高级镀金工艺让饰品散发出温润柔和的光泽。

花样年华我们新推的设计系列“花样年华”是由期待浪漫的三瓣花组成的花束,尽显清新高雅。通过将银与高品质镀金工艺的完美结合,BERND WOLF 在为顾客精工细作高品质首饰的同时又
Sonito jewelry set

Sonito jewelry set

The sun is a leitmotif of the BERND WOLF 2017 collection. The Sonito cord necklace transmutes light into enchanting reflections: arranged in a sunburst pattern, sparkling baguette-cut zirconia scintillates with the wearer’s every movement, while the concave golden surface in the middle reflects the light with a magical shimmer, and small, exquisite freshwater pearls exhibit an appealingly elegant luster.

Leilana jewelry set

Leilana jewelry set

The Leilana jewelry set’s 42-millimeter pendant is framed by a fine band of sparkling, brilliant-cut zirconia. The chain necklace can be adjusted from 80 to 70 cm, so the pendant can be worn at different lengths.
The Leilana bracelet has received an Honorable Mention at the 2017 Red Dot Product Design Awards. Statment by the jury: The design of the Leilana bangle radiates a vibrant lightness. With its clean lines and high quality appearance that makes for a winning combination.

Yanizzi jewellery set

Yanizzi jewellery set

The Yanizzi jewelry set features small hematine cubes that create an exquisitely vibrant, matte shimmer with their wearer’s every movement.
The Y-shaped necklace snugly fits into any wearer’s décolleté. It is crafted with meticulous love for detail by our manufactory’s goldsmiths, who string each of its bottom part’s tiny cubes on ultra-fine, flexible chains to ensure a visually and haptically unique jewelry experience.


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