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Steinbach, Gems with A Star

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The STEINBACH-Gems with a Star company- was founded in Idar-Oberstein in 1983 by the Graduate Gemmologist (AG, FGG) Martin P. Steinbach.

We are specialised in all gems with the phenomena of asterism, i.e. star gems. From ultra-rare star apatite over commercial star gems to extremely rare star zircon and a one-of-a-kind star tourmaline.
Natural Burmese star sapphires with the “Design by Nature” appearances and particularly double stars, twin stars, 12-rayed stars and star network are our expertise.

In 2017 the book ASTERISM – Gems with a Star – surfaced.
The first and only book about star stones with 900 pages and more than 1000 pictures, weighing over 8 pounds!!

We are the members of the German Gemmological Association, Fair Trade Mineral and Gems, Federal Association of the Precious Stones and Diamond Industry, Idar-Oberstein, Asian Institute of Gemmological Sciences (AIGS) Thailand, Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), Accredited Gemmological Association (AGA), USA.


Our mission is to supply the world with Gemstones with STARS: Commercial – Rare – Ultra Rare/one of a kind. 
In calibrated sizes over paits/sets to museum sizes.
Very specialised in double star/twin stars, 12-rayed stars and star networks. Also we offer interesting star gems for gemmological purposes.

Beside above stars some more gems here in Hongkong: 

  • Amethyst – old stock
  • Cat´s eyes in many different gems
  • Citrine – old stock
  • Hauynite
  • Jadeit (Burmese) rough, cut and carved
  • Sapphires, cut and cabochon
  • Star sapphire
  • Star iolite
  • Star moonstone/feldspars
  • Star quartz
  • Star spinel
  • Star tanzanite
  • Star topaz
  • Star tourmaline
  • Rare collector stones 
  • We developed the “Design by Nature” star sapphires.

Please note my ultimative brandnew BOOK: 
*** ASTERISM - Gems with a Star ***.
900 pages, over 1000 pictures, over 8 pounds, already called a "bible" or a "standard reference book".

Cover of the new book about stars.

Cover of the new book about stars.

The NEWEST Gem Book: ASTERISM - Gems with a Star.
Author: Martin P. Steinbach. 900 pages, over 1000 pictures, over 8 pounds.

A VIP - leather-bound, gold cut and numbered edition is also available!

The book and friends.

The book and friends.

The ultimate book and friends during a Gem-A conference in London.

*** The Star of Heavenly Dreams ***

*** The Star of Heavenly Dreams ***

The probably rarest gemstone of the world: the "Star of Heavenly Dreams". A unbeliavable star tourmaline with 8.12 ct.


Steinbach, Gems with A Star
Tiefensteiner Str. 281 b
55743 Idar-Oberstein

电话: +49 6781 509942

Mr. Steinbach
电话: +49 172 6856042

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