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Key-Visual JGF -  September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair 2015

JGF - September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair 2015

16 – 22 September 2015 – Hong Kong, P.R. China

Meet 63 German companies

Welcome to the German Pavilion at JGF September 2015!

Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair 2015
16 – 20 September 2015
AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE)
18 – 22 September 2015
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
Hong Kong, P.R. China

Welcome to the presentation of the Federal Republic of Germany

"Made in Germany", originally a mark of origin, is known worldwide as a Symbol of German quality.

This applies to most products and especially to jewellery, silverware and gemstones from Germany.

Quality in our sector is based on extensive education, a high level of technology and many years of experience. That is why German jewellery and silverware is valued so highly in over 160 export markets around the world. Although the main export markets are located in Europe, in which about 70% of the business is carried out the German jewellery and silverware industry has increasingly turned to the Far East countries in recent years and especially to Hong Kong as the gateway to the Asian market.

Since its very start the Hong Kong Jewellery & Watch Fair has increasingly attracted buyers from the surrounding countries. The fair is therefore an excellent forum for German companies to establish contacts with customers from the entire region. German companies have been presenting jewellery and related products at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Watch Fair since the shows first opening. With this, they belong to the largest participants in the fair among the foreign exhibitors, also reflecting on the importance of Germany as Europe's second largest producer.

With its almost approximately 400 manufacturers, the German jewellery and silverware industry is able to boast a predominant number of middle-sized businesses. The centre of the German jewellery industry is situated in Pforzheim on the outskirts of the Black Forest, where approx. 70% of German jewellery is produced. The companies in Pforzheim make great efforts every year to coordinate their collections to the taste of the individual sales regions abroad. This is undoubtedly the main reason why this industrial sector has been so successful in assuming a leading position and maintaining this position until the present day.

In addition to the jewellery centre of Pforzheim there is the gemstone cutting centre of Idar-Oberstein. This international trading place has its origin in the rough stones that were once mined there.

Today the term "Idar-cut" stands all over the world for superior cutting, innovative gem design and distinguished qualities. In a field of strong international competition Idar-Oberstein has been able to maintain its place as one of the top gem centres of the world.

Best wishes for a successful visit to the trade fair:

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA),
Federal Association of the Precious Stones and Diamond Industry
German Association of Jewellery, Watches, Clocks, Silverware and Related Industries

Exhibitors at the German Pavilion


Opal Josef Michel KG
Chrystal Opal, marquise cut
Booth number: 8D30

Booth number: 11S22

Fine Gems Collection GmbH
Diamonds Slices
Booth number: 8E15

STAIB Germany - Hermann Staib GmbH
stainless steel products
Booth number: 3F202

Birkenstock & Co. GmbH
Sartorius Gold and Carat Scales
Booth number: 11T25

Hermann Grimm KG
Booth number: 8D16

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News & Innovations

JE218 PINK GOLD maximum red plating solution
Red color coatings are quite popular in the jewellery sector for some time now and the trend is continuing. Therefore the demand for high quality red gold electrolytes is on a constantly high level. Jentner improved its red micron gold plating solution through continuous development and presents...

Sales Offices & Agents
Vikar Ahmed sales offices are open now in Hong Kong and China Mainland, for more information, please contact us.

Beakerglass Anodes - Made by METAKEM - Germany
Easy to handle beakerglass anodes made of platinised titanium or mixed metal oxide coated titanium in different sizes for different beakerglass sizes. Better coating qualities due to special anode construction.

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NIVREL Uhren - Gerd Hofer GmbH
Booth number: 3F204
A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH
Booth number: 11S25